Working with Dial Worldwide provides unique opportunities for you to grow both revenue and client satisfaction.


Focused on small business solutions and Private Label Calling Cards, Dial Worldwide offers service level agreements and products that mass market providers can't touch. Dial Worldwide delivers reliable premium voice, competitive rates, and toll free numbers backed by industry-leading and professional provider.


As a reseller, we expect you to manage multiple customers operating under your supervision.

Reseller program offers you the opportunity to create your own brand.


We offer our resellers a special reseller's discount plus use our solutions, infrastructure, equipment and technical personnel while we expect them to concentrate on the commercial side of the business.


How does it work!


Your company name or trademark, logo and contact information can be placed on calling cards. All commercial and financial relations with the customers are performed by you as well. Our commercial service team has no contacts with anybody else but you.


Contact us today to discuss various opportunities and work together for mutual benefit.


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