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We offer you the cheapest rates with premium voice quality to many destinations worldwide.

Call home and avoid high cost mobile calls to International destinations.


How it works

We created a call through system which is easy for everyone!

DialCyprus offers callback, DID, AVR, and a local number in many destinations worldwide. You Can create Virtual Calling Cards or VOIP accounts and connect to our network to make cheap calls. You can visit and rent servers to run your own VOIP or call centre business


Why not take advantage of our low cost call rates to international destinations from your home or mobile phone. Register your phone number, or any other number you want and take advantage of this service. Dial our International gateway and follow the instructions. You will be connected to your international number but only charged at the low cost Dial Cyprus international call rate plus your mobile or landline will not be charged a single penny for this call.

Call Greece

Promotion: Cheapest rates to Greece!

For €5 you can talk for more than 30 minutes to a mobile number in Greece.

You save more than 70% compared to local provider rates in Cyprus.

Call United Kingdom

Call UK now
Call UK today for 6 cents per minute compared to 26 cents charged by local provider. The above rate is for mobile telephones and can change anytime without notice.

Talk talk

Talk to family and friends.

This is the best calling card available in the market. We created it for you to save on local rates to your favorite destinations. Try us today and feel the difference!

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